Beachway Addiction Treatment Center

Beachway’s Outpatient program offers freedom and flexibility for people who have already completed inpatient, or for those who simply want an outpatient only program.

Although Beachway can offer sober living, our outpatient program does not require you to “check-in” or live at our facility, this affords clients a degree of freedom that inpatient treatment does not allow for.

Since 2007 Beachway has been providing clients with the highest level of outpatient and inpatient care.  Our clinical staff will work with each individual to design a treatment plan that takes into account each persons particular needs and circumstances.   How long you will attend and when, will be determined by each persons unique needs.

At Beachway we offer a flexible treatment schedule, with a holistic approach that is designed to treat the core issues associated with addiction.

Some of the treatment options available at Beachway Outpatient are:

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Speak to Someone Today: If drug or alcohol addiction is taking over your life, make the decision to change with BBB accredited Beachway Therapy Center. Our counselors and therapists are waiting to take your call on our helpline today. Call 800-208-9273 today and get a head start on recovery.