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Substance Abuse Life Skills Help

drug rehabAmong all the resources available to our outpatient clients, one of the most useful and beneficial is the Resource Center.

At Beachway, we are proud to offer clients access to substance abuse life skills help.

With a wide range of resources at our disposal, we can ensure our clients a successful transition into a sober life and routine.

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Taking Flight: A Substance Abuse Life Skills Program

For people who are battling drug or alcohol addiction, it’s often easy to lose sight of certain aspects of your life. School can suffer, jobs can be lost and other personal and professional issues can arise. The main goal of our life skills program is to help build that life back up. In addition to recovering physically, mentally and spiritually from addiction, we can also help clients prepare the logistics to start their sober lives. After finding success in outpatient addiction rehab, relapse from issues like general anxiety, re-entering the workforce or even entering the workforce for the first time, is a real possibility. Continuing on with your education as a sober person is another area of concern, as you might feel the pressure more than before, leading to unexpected transgressions.

Making the Transition to Regular Living

For outpatient clients, making the transition to regular living can be tricky. After treatment the world can seem scary and simple tasks such as balancing your checkbook or taking a job interview can seem daunting. Prior to leaving treatment, clients work with their counselors and therapists to develop a strong plan for going forward. The focus is shifted to setting goals, maintaining responsibilities and using the support systems put in place to be successful upon leaving treatment.

Preparing to Go Back to Work

For any person who has taken time off from work, getting back into it may seem like a challenge. This can seem even a bigger challenge for someone who has left work due to addiction or substance abuse problems. With our substance abuse life skills program we are able to help clients with resume writing, preparing for interviews and more. Applying for jobs and going to job interviews can be stressful for anyone, but especially for people recovering from addiction. We can coach clients on the right things to say in interviews so they never feel blindsided or intimidated.

With the help of our clinical team, clients are also advised on researching jobs or industries they should work in. This is especially helpful if a career change is necessary to improve recovery. We provide goals for employment and help clients research job leads on our computer to make following up easier.

Another excellent way to ease back into the professional world is through volunteering. At Beachway we can provide our clients with volunteer opportunities that will not only look great on a resume, but also instill confidence and help clients give back to the community. With these substance abuse life skills help programs in place, clients are confident when re-entering the workforce.

Education is Always an Option

Going back to school is often a great idea for recovering addicts at any age. At BBB accredited Beachway, our experts in the Take Flight program can assist with planning, applying for financial aid or organizing tutoring and testing for GED accreditation. With the help of our experts we can look into transferring credits or requesting transcripts for future schooling. We are also extremely proud to have partnerships with local universities, offering partial scholarships to Beachway alumni. Many other colleges and universities across the country also offer recovery programs and can provide sober housing. In Florida alone, there is Palm Beach State that is close to our facility which has an excellent Collegiate Recovery Community. No matter what you are looking for when it comes to your education, the experts at Beachway can help make a plan that fits you.

Going Home after Addiction Treatment

One of the unique features of our substance abuse life skills help program is the fact that our team can help prepare clients to go back home. While many clients choose to stay in the area for a while after discharge to take advantage of the support network in South Florida, many clients also choose to return home after treatment. In these cases, our counselors can help organize aftercare options in your city and help locate support groups or 12 step meetings to attend. Remote job searches and help securing living arrangements are also available through the Take Flight program. No matter where you are headed, our experts can help craft a game plan to ensure relapse prevention and make sure you are well covered when you are back at home.

Planning to Stay in Florida?

As was mentioned before, some clients opt to stay in South Florida for some time after treatment has ended. In these cases we are able to help acclimate you to the environment while establishing residency and learning about the South Palm Beach community. Help finding affordable housing and transportation can be provided and clients can also seek assistance in looking for public resources and establishing themselves as residents.

What about Logistical Help?

One of the best things about taking advantage of our resource center is that you can expect full service. No question is too small for our experts to help you handle. Anything from opening a bank account, learning to balance a checkbook, budgeting, help planning and preparing meals and more are taught to our alumni. Even legalities such as obtaining a driver’s license or social security card can be assisted by us. We do everything in our power to make sure your transition from detox to recovery, to aftercare and then sobriety is handled as smoothly as possible. Getting sober is a team effort, and with the help of the experts at Beachway, you can rest assured that you have the most qualified and compassionate team behind you.

Take The Next Step

Speak to an Expert Today about Life Skills Help: When you call the professionals at Beachway Therapy Center, you are taking the right step toward a better tomorrow. Drug and alcohol addiction is a chronic illness, but with encouragement, understanding and hard work, it can be managed. With our substance abuse life skills help we can ensure our clients are given the best chance to be happy and successful outside of treatment. Call us today at 800-208-9273 and speak to someone about getting on the right track.